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Thanks for submitting! Check your email in a couple of minutes for your free Become Bionik Training Programme!

On Going support

Throughout your free four week training programme with Bionik Strength we pledge to help guide and support you through this process. Help us by tagging us in all your progress posts and stories on Instagram, and in exchange we will reply to each with some guidance and support on your technique, intensity choices and overall training session. 

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Want to take your training further?

Once you have completed your free four week Become Bionik Training Programme, you can continue working with us to help you take your training to that next level. We have created a series of programmes which are designed to follow up after the free four week programme completes. Each of these programmes are 12 weeks, and are set out to achieve a variety of different goals. 

What will you receive?

Signing up to our 12 week programmes will provide you with a fully periodised programme which takes into account your workloads, tempo, recovery periods etc. We also accommodate for deload periods to ensure you are progressing optimally and safely! Each programme comes with the accompanying nutrition guidance to ensure that you achieve the goal you have set out to do.

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Become Bionik by claiming your free four week strength programme now! 

This programme is designed as your first four weeks back into the gym, alongside this it can be used as your intro to resistance training. 

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