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Welcome to Bionik Strength HQ

We are a one stop facility for all things lifting and strength training. Hosting a huge range of top standard equipment for all lifting disciplines, we range from a full strongman setup with yokes, farmers, atlas stones. In addition to this powerlifting barbells, Including a variety of texas bars, and squat barbells. 


We also have olympic weightlifting equipment including official Eleiko weight plates and barbell. All our resistance machines are high level plate loaded and we even range all the way through to a complete set of arm wrestling tables and equipment! 


Where are we located?

The best  way to find us is to simply enter "Bionik Strength HQ onto google maps

Our full address is as follows:

Bionik Strength HQ,

Highfield Industrial Estate,



Using the postcode alone often takes people to the incorrect address - see our map for guidance on our location.

Our car parking is located on West End Street, with a 2 minute walk around the car showroom to our front door. Or secure parking at a small cost at Oldham leisure centre.

Opening Times

Monday - Friday: 10am - 8pm 

Last Entry 7pm

Weekends: 10am - 4pm

Last Entry 3pm

Bionik Strength HQ is a private training facility offering a range of different services and benefits:

  • Fully kitted out top of the range gym floor

  • Top standard Personal trainers and lifting coaches

  • Integrated cafe called "The power bar" to support all nutritional needs! 

  • High level massage therapists there to service all clients

  • Fitness photography studio on site for progress, competition and Instagram images! 

The best part is that we are not an open membership gym...Our gym will never be too busy for you to get a session completed! All our members are part of the Bionik team and show mutual respect to each other and the facility! We're not just a gym, we're a community. 

Inquire to join the Bionik Team today and join us with full access at Bionik Strength HQ! 


Keep up to date with our progress! 

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