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Online Coaching Package

Signing up for our online coaching training package provides you with completely bespoke programming, individualised to you, your needs and your goals.  You will receive the value of Bionik Strengths years of experience and knowledge in a massively affordable package. Our programmes are highly effective and have been proven repeatedly to achieve outstanding results. In addition to this, throughout your entire coaching journey with Bionik Strength we will be fully at your disposal to receive quick feedback on your performance, including full technique guidance and that extra needed push. We check in regularly throughout the week, each session, in order to ensure you are on track, and to overcome any barriers that get in the way. Working closely with us, and under our guidance you're already one step closer to achieving all your goals. 

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Sarah - Physique development

My personal programmes created for me by Bionik Strength have worked wonders for my confidence, my mind set and of course my body. 


Alex - Physique competing

I wasn't able to gain a single kg in two years. When I start working with Nik, I gain 7kg in twelve weeks. 


Elisse - Physique development

 Bum's bigger, waist is still there, my cycle is back and i bloody LOVE food.

Is this package right for you?

If these points below resonate then maybe online coaching is the right choice for you!

Cheaper than PT

One-to-one personal training is a great service but can come at a hefty price. Online coaching gives you the ability to have the expert guidance, support and accountability your goals deserve, but without the price tag!

Not Local?

Bionik Strength consistently produces amazing results with clients and athletes, however we are based in Manchester, UK. Using online coaching you can access our gold standard skill set, knowledge base and experience from anywhere in the world!

Self motivated but need guidance

You may be very self motivated and able to perform sessions consistently without the drive from a PT session. Bionik Strength is here to optimise your training programming, nutrition and give you constant feedback on technique and progress to guarantee you results, whilst you train independently.

Step 1


This will take place immediately after sign up, in either a phone call or even a video call if preferred. We will discuss your training goals, past training experience and progress. Alongside this get a grasp on any barriers you might have and what support you need.

Step 2


Following the consultation Bionik Strength will devise you a completely bespoke training and nutrition programme which best suits your requirements, goals and needs. Once this has been completed you will be sent the plan to review, this will be concluded with a follow up call to discuss any questions and ensure the programme is fully understood prior to beginning the process!

Step 3


Once all the pieces have been put in place you will start your plan and embark on your journey with Bionik Strength. At this point we will be there to support you every step of the way towards your goals. Feedback of your performance and technique can be provided session by session, alongside a weekly catch up to discuss progress. We will also be on call to answer any questions throughout.

All this programming, guidance and support for an affordable monthly payment

What you can expect

Your Journey with Bionik Strength


Basia - Powerlifting competitions

I would be nowhere without Nik's knowledge  


David - Powerlifting and strongman competitions

Nik is an absolute professional & with his extensive knowledge can help anybody achieve their goal.


Alex - Powerlifting competitions

Nik showed huge dedication and 100% individual approach to my needs so I could meet the goals.


Nyla - Get stronger, leaner and help manage fibromyalgia

I’ve gone away with so many gems thanks to Nik, but the main one for me is the correct form to avoid injuries


Kirsty - Rehabilitation and help posing

Niks treatment helped me greatly with my posing as it loosened me and allowed me to get into the best positions to show off my



Jeremy - Performance and olympic weightlifting

Not only had my strength increased but my deadlift and squat mobility had also improved. 

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Get in touch and start your fitness journey today.


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